Saturday, February 14, 2009

February 2009

Feb. 22nd we stayed overnight at Eddie & Debbie’s place and as we awoke and got dressed Debbie got a phone call from her neighbor that a crane had just taken a large fish out of her water garden. As Debbie ran out of the house she saw the crane and we know that if she would have had a gun it would have been the end for the crane, as it was it was the end of one of her prized fish. We had breakfast and then we went to play a round of golf, the weather was great and we had a great time together. After golf we went to Cracker Barrel for an early supper. At this time we realized that we forgot a disc that Debbie burned for us that had our wedding pictures and pictures from Larry’s party, just too many voids in our brain and this was missed by four people. On the way home we did stop at another Target store, did our shopping and exhausted the gift card. As we had a store only gift card, in these times we wonder how long a store will be in business and like to redeem them as soon as possible. We than had a safe drive home and soon after we got home we went to the clubhouse and watched the Sunday night movie, every Sunday they will run a movie at the clubhouse. Once again, good to spend time with family.

Feb 21st we fixed breakfast using some of the food left over from the wedding, and after cleaning up we drove to Orlando. We had gotten a $50.00 gift certificate to Target and we stopped at one mid way to Orlando and as we walked around the store we could not find anything to buy. Isn’t it a terrible thing to have $$$ and not know how to spend it. We then went to Eddie and Debbie’s place for a short visit, prior to going to Larry’s birthday party. It was a surprise birthday party for Larry; it was a great party as there were about 45 people there. As the party got going we sang happy birthday to Larry and he then started to open a lot of gifts, and of course our minds were not with it, we left our card back at Eddie’s place in our car but we did remember to take his gift along. Later in the evening as the younger generation was doing Karaoke some of us senior citizens crashed the party and joined in and for a while stole the show from the kids, but after about an hour we gave it up. It was a great time and we are glad that we were invited.

Feb. 18th well it was the day we were looking for
and a very hectic day it was. We started out by making breakfast for Jeff & Shirley here at the camper; it was so nice to be able to sit outside to eat. After that Kathleen & Shirley went shopping, which turned out to be more or less window shopping. At that time Jon was giving Jeff some Motorhome 101 as they are buying a motorhome on their way home from Florida. Later afternoon Jon & Jeff went to the local Wal-Mart and picked up the meat & veggie trays that we ordered, and also some drinks for the party after the wedding. After four o’clock Craig & Ginny came over and we went to the gazebo to do some decorating, we had planned on lighting candles around the area but because of the prevailing winds that was not possible. After we finished up with that we got changed into our wedding clothes and Jon went to the main parking lot to meet with Jeff & Jackie (pastor and his wife), also parking there were Debbie, Eddie, Angie, Larry, Mike & Kathy. As Jon went down to the gazebo he was welcomed by his Aunt Minerva as she was sitting in the gazebo, we had invited her but we hadn’t heard from her, it was so great to see her there and it made our day. We got everybody to the gazebo and got ready for the ceremony. With about 40 people in attendance we started on time and as the ceremony was finishing, it went from daylight to sunset and it was a spectacular sight as the Lord painted a great picture. We hosted a party afterwards for all of our guests and we had a great time.

Feb. 17th Our good friends from PA, Jeff and Shirley, arrived at our place before noon. We gave them a short tour of Adelaide Shores and then went out for a round of golf at the Country Club of Sebring. The day was beautiful and we had a great time. After golf we went to a local pub for dinner and visited for quite a while. They’ll join us tomorrow for breakfast and help with the wedding preparations.

Feb. 14th quite a lot to catch up on as we are into a routine here and miss out on keeping up with the journal. A little over a week ago we had a cold snap and during that time Jon came down with a chest cold that set him down for about three days, two days he didn’t go out of the motor home. On the third day, being the kind sharing person he is, he gave it to Kathleen and she had a head and throat cold. She was at the point that she missed bowling and golf for the week. We are both getting better at the present time and are doing a lot of preparation for the wedding. We ordered the food and bought some decorations for the food table, we are looking forward to the day. On Thursday Jon along with 3 other men from Sun-n-Fun RV Resort went to Daytona for the day, they had a great day and the racing was equally as good. Kathleen stayed at the resort and had plenty to do as she helped to make salad for the night’s pizza party. After that she decorated a T-shirt with studs as they had a “Studs for Duds” activity. On Friday Kathleen and Ginny went out and did some more shopping for decorations for the Gazebo, while Jon stayed in the park and did a few chores and then met up with a neighbor for a few afternoon beers. In the evening we went to a Legends Show at the local Community College, what a show as it started at 7:30 and lasted till 11:00 o’clock. Individually, we saw better impersonators, but overall it was a really, really good show and we were glad we went.