Monday, June 7, 2010

June 2010

June 17th we had the day off and we journeyed down to Lebanon and area as we had several things to do today. First we stopped at a local cemetery to get a paper that Kathleen had a space there; this comes from a division of property from her divorce of four years ago. We didn’t realize that we would have to sit through an hour plus of sales pitch to buy caskets, vaults, opening and closing and markers. After saying “NO” many times we were able to leave. After that we went and picked up our Heater core for the motor home. We had it repaired in Maine last year and at that time Jon was leery of the job, and his fears came true on the drive up from Florida. This time it is a good job and Jon can see the difference, the job in Maine was bad but we probably can’t expect anything else from there. We did a little shopping and then we went to Donnie’s place as Mel is in from Washington visiting and we wanted to get to see her before she went back. Between their schedule and ours we were happy to spend an afternoon with her. Later in the day Dave and his family arrived and we had a cook out, and as always the food and family get together were just fantastic. We had a safe drive home and again it was a wonderful day.

June 13th Jon went to work for a few hours as he cleaned the pool and finish up repairing the mower that has been broken down, we had just received the parts and now it is fixed. Kathleen and Shirley then went to Harrisburg to pick up Sammie and we are going to watch her overnight and take her home tomorrow. While they were gone Jeff and Jon had set up a tee time for a course in Carlisle which is about 30 minutes away. They thought it was a great course and that it was very golfer friendly, wide open and didn’t penalize you for slightly poor shots. When Shirley, Kathleen and Sammie returned they went to the pool for the afternoon. When the golfers returned a fire was going and we cooked over the fire and had a nice visit. It was a great day and all of us had a great time.

June 12th we worked today and did our normal duties. Later in the evening our friends Jeff and Shirley checked in to camp here. They just came up from Tennessee where they vacationed for a week in the Great Smokey Mountains. We were looking forward to seeing them and as Kathleen was working Jon gave them a tour of the campground. We did get to sit around the campfire and have some adult drinks for a while as we all were worn out for the day.

June 8th back at work for the day as Jon started by doing the pool cleaning and testing, while Kathleen was in the office and store for the day as the owners were away for most of the day. After cleaning the pool area Jon pressure washed the deck around the store, trying to get up the old ice cream stains. During the course of the day a neighboring Amish farmer came in to bale some of the hay that he has cut several days ago and we took some pictures of him and his wife as they baled the hay. Hope that you enjoy the pictures. We also had the chance to get a deck for our site but in the end we decided it was not in our best interests to get it. We then came home to start a camp fire to cook our food in the open and as you all know food cooked over a campfire is hard to beat. Just another good day at the campground.

June 6th (D-Day) throughout the past several days we worked at the campground and did our normal duties. Today we arose and went to church and had a good time being around the people there. After that we stopped for a bite to eat and then took off for the Raystown Lake area as Kathleen had never been there. We didn’t know if we wanted to go or not as the weather was changing and we hit rain and saw the effects of high winds that went through the area. Luckily we got to Raystown Lake as the front had moved through and it was a beautiful day and the wind and rain were settled. Must swear that the area has a high population of house boats and we saw hundreds if not thousands of pontoon boats on the water. We picked up several brochures as in the future we might do an overnight pontoon boat rental; at least it is wishful thinking. As we returned home we stopped at the dam breast overlook and just marveled at the beauty of all of the area. We had a safe journey and it was another great day.

June 2nd we had off yesterday and today. Yesterday we spent a lot of time around the camper fixing things up and ordering parts, we needed spare parts for the heater since we put in a new filter and nozzle, also removed the diagnostic center to ship back to the factory and replace some of the gas lift cylinders on our basement doors. Today we went back to our home area and visited with Jon’s mom, did some shopping, babysat Sammie and also met up with Jeff and Shirley for dinner and had an enjoyable time. We had a safe journey and returned to our little spot here at the campground.