Saturday, October 4, 2008

October 2008

Oct, 31st we had an early breakfast with Jeff and Shirley and while there we saw several other people that we hadn’t seem in a while and we said hello and good-by to them. After Kathleen had her appointment for a medical test, we got ready to leave. We discovered that our awning wasn’t working and we decided to wait till we got to Florida to repair it. We topped off with propane and also filled up the fuel tank to start the journey. We then drove the 3½ hours to Camp Fox or as we call it “Our Delaware Home”. We had a great time visiting with a usual gathering, we know that in three weeks it will be very full here for the annual Christma Tree lighting, we did this last year and had a great time and we hate to miss it this year. We are hoping that we can do it another year.

Oct. 30th it was a day of saying good-byes, all day we were saying good bye to friends and family and it was a hard day all around. Upon saying good bye to Tiny we left with the deep feeling that this would be the last time we see him here on earth, we do wish the best for him and hope we see him in the spring. We saw Jon’s mom, Kathleen’s brother and a few of his sons, also Kathleen’s son and daughter-in-law and her granddaughter.

Oct. 26th we went to church and bid farewell to a lot of our friends there. In the afternoon we went to Kathleen’s son’s home and had supper with them and we enjoyed the visit. It was also a sad time as to say good bye to friends and family.

Oct. 25th we went to a pancake and sausage breakfast that was put on by the local Lions Club, it was very good and we also did a lot of socializing with a lot of people we hadn’t seen in quite a while. After that we went visiting to our friend that has cancer, he had several visitors and we all had an enjoyable time. We will get to see him one more time before we leave. After that we started to go to Red Run CG but on the way we stopped at an Amish store along the way and loaded up on our supplies. We got to the CG in the afternoon and did a lot of visiting before Jon helped out with the Haunted House; it was a slow night as the weather was terrible and we finished up quite early. Once again we had a great day. We want to thank all the campers at the Campground making us feel at home.

Oct. 22nd got an early start as Jon had a Dr.’s appointment and while he was there Kathleen ran some errands of her own. After going out for breakfast we went to a bike shop and got some parts for our bikes. Later in the afternoon Kathleen took her granddaughter to visit with some of her old work friends, just another cool day in PA. We are now looking forward to moving on to warmer weather.

Oct 20th Jon had a early blood test and after that went to visit with his mother, at the same time his one cousin was there and they all had a good time just making small talk. In the afternoon we went out and hit some golf balls at the local driving range. Just sort of a lazy do not much of anything day. As we can feel the temps getting lower we are looking forward to going South in the near future.

Oct. 19th we went to church this morning and had a great time visiting with some of our friends there, also we had Kathleen’s granddaughter along and she meet a lot of new friends. Later in afternoon Kathleen’s granddaughter was picked up by her parents and they were recuperating from yesterday’s football game at Penn State. We than went to visit a very sick friend prior to us going to Kathleen’s brother house for dinner, we had a great time just finding out news on the local front as he is a the small town barber.

Oct. 18th as we had Kathleen’s granddaughter we slept in for the morning and were late getting up and moving. In the afternoon Kathleen and her granddaughter did a lot of the Halloween activities here at the CG. Jon in the afternoon went to Red Run CG and helped with the haunted house that was built. Also while there he went to a birthday party that was held for one of the campers there. The haunted house was very good again and some of the costumes were just fantastic, as always all involved in the haunted house were up to the task and made it a great time. Both of us will be going next week.

Oct. 17th we left early this morning as Kathleen had a Dr.’s appointment and prior to that we did some shopping at an Amish store. We tend to find a lot of good deals at these stores and we also but a lot of bulk items there as well. While Kathleen was at the Doctors, Jon went to shop at Wal-mart. Than the both of us did a little shopping of two chairs. We would like to replace the chairs in the dining room of the MH, and we have been looking for a while and we might even be looking while we are in FL. In the afternoon Jon went down to Red Run CG to help with the haunted house and just meeting up with old friend and some of the weekend campers he hasn’t seem in a while. Kathleen got her granddaughter today and she will have her for the weekend as Kathleen’s son and daughter-in-law have season tickets for Penn State and are going up to State College and camp for the weekend, they are all excited as Penn State plays Michigan and hope to break their losing record against them. In the afternoon Kathleen along with her friend and granddaughter went to a RV Resort and did some swimming in the indoor pool. It was a long day for the both of us , but it was another great day.

Oct, 16th another great day in PA, Jon and his brother-in-law went and played a round of golf at Tree Top GC. Had some good holes but overall not as well as I would of liked. Just started to make some changes in the swing and hand position, can see where it will make a big improvement as I get on to it. As for now it is a little different but I can already see a difference in distance. In the evening Jon went to the local VA and picked up a CPAC machine to help him to sleep better at night. The problem has been a lot better in the last 1 ½ years than it was prior to that time, it is not a good thing to stop breathing while you sleep.

Oct. 15th we had and morning meeting with our financial advisors this morning and even though the market is way down we are not as bad off as we thought, we even decided to do a little more buying. In the afternoon we took Kathleen’s granddaughter on her first Geocaching adventure, she enjoyed walking in the woods and finding the treasures, we think that we got her hooked. Jon sure would like to take two other little girls Geocaching, but we doubt that will happen. In the evening we went to the Elton John concert at the Giant center. The concert was a big disappointment, way too loud and couldn’t even hear EJ as he sang. We had our seats changed and it helped somewhat, but we left early, wishing we had stayed home and watched the Presidential debates instead. We had attended two other concerts in the last two years and they were quite enjoyable as it was not nearly overbearing loud.

Oct. 14th the dreaded day at the dentist. It was our semi-annual day for our checkups and all went well as they gave a good report and to return in the spring. After that we went and bought some upgrades for the computer, Jon then installed them and it made quite a difference. In the evening we had to prepare supper for our bed ridden friend, it was a labor of love that we could do this for him and Jon’s brother who is staying with him. We had a nice visit and tried to keep his spirits up at this time, he will have many hard days in front of him.

Oct. 13th Jon went down to help set up a haunted house for Red Run Campground and had a good time working there and enjoying all of the friendship. Kathleen was babysitting her granddaughter and in the evening we got together with some of our friends and went to Sight & Sound. It was Jon’s first time there and he enjoyed it a lot. It is such a great theater that is set up for shows that include animals. They sure do make a fantastic stage play with it and if anyone can make the show it is worthwhile.

Oct. 12th we took Jon’s mother to church and had a great time there. Because of scandals in the church in the not to recent past, attendance is way down and a lot of people are waiting to see what happens at the church. We enjoyed the church and the people that were there are real friendly and we just had a good time. In the afternoon we went to Kathleen’s sons home and spend a while looking at photo’s of their trip to Disney World, they just got back on Friday and made up a photo album on Saturday, Kathleen’s granddaughter did have a fantastic time as she did all of the Princess things and got a lot of autographs. After that we went to visit another friend from the campground and just caught up on a lot of information from the local area. We showed our pictures from the summer and they were received with great admiration.

Oct 11th another great day as we went to the campground that Jon used to own, it was great to renew old friendships with the campers. We got there in the afternoon and stayed though the evening and into the dance that they had. It was just a great time to be had.

Oct 9th took Jon’s mom to the pain clinic and she got a shot to block her hip pain. It helped right away as she could go up steps a lot better. We than took about a 1 ½ hour drive to meet with some more friends. They own a business in the mountains and it is such a beautiful area, as some of the leaves are changing. We took some information from another friend of both of ours. We were given a tour of the property and just had a great time together. In the future we will see if our plans would permit us to stay there. On the return trip we visited with a very good friend in the hospital. At the present time all we can do is be there for him, as the medical staff can not do any more for him. He is remembered in all of our prayers.

Oct. 8th this past Sunday Kathleen had to prepare for a medical test that is scheduled for Monday. She did very well and after the test was told that all is well and she was good for another ten years. Jon was driving his mother around on Monday morning to Dr. appointments that she had. Tuesday we were back cleaning up the MH , that is still from Montana and we also changed the Generator oil and filter, and changed the spark plugs in the car. While changing the spark plugs Jon dropped a plug down in the front of the car and had to remove the front of the car to retrieve it. It’s not hard to remove and only takes about 10 minutes, we are glad that it is that simple. Tuesday evening we met with some good friends for supper and we had such a great time catching up on the events of both of our journeys. We spent over two hours together and we had picked a restaurant that wasn’t all that full. On Wednesday Kathleen had another Dr. appointment for some tests, following that we took Jon’s mother to another Dr. visit. We are glad that Jon’s mother has a lot of medical visits while we are at home as we came take some of the burden off of Jon’s sister and she can spend more of her time baby sitting her grand sons. After we took Mom back home we had a tee time for a round of golf with another good friend and is was an enjoyable afternoon. Finished up with supper with our friends and it was just a great day. So far since we have been here Jon has played golf at least once a week.

Oct. 4th we went out for breakfast this morning after that Kathleen went to visit with her friends and Jon went to a midget football game. He had a good time and got some pictures of his granddaughters. After that we came home and just had a nice afternoon together. Finished staining our bench that was given to us by Glenn & Chris when we left Montana. It is a great little bench that is 4 ft. wide and comes completely apart for travel and can be stored in the back of our Vue. After the hectic month we had last month it sort of feels strange just to relax and do maintenance on the MH. We have been walking around the campground and making new friends and renewing old friends and just generally having a good time.