Sunday, January 4, 2009

January 2009

Jan. 31st today will be a little different as we are not just writing about today, but things that happened during the past week. On Monday while at the weekly bowling outing we signed up to bowl in a tournament to be held on Super Bowl Sunday. This is nothing new to Jon, but Kathleen’s first and as it is only a small in house tournament it will be a good experience. It’s not how we do but, just to have some fun. On Tuesday we went to a breakfast at Dot’s Restaurant with about 50 other Pennsylvanians that are here at the park and it was a good time had by all. After that we decided to go to a 9 hole Executive golf course and we walked it twice as we need to do some exercise. Being a short course it gives both of us chances to sharpen up our games. Wednesday we did our usual morning golf lesson and in the afternoon we continued with our pre marriage counseling at the church and following that we went to the court house and applied for our marriage license. Thursday Jon went to play golf with his usual foursome and Kathleen went and shopped, as this works out great for the two of us. After golf Jon’s golf friends usually stop at the American Legion, and this day Jon joined the Legion. In the late afternoon we went to a Ham and Bean soup at the club house, and probably ate too much of a good thing, also while there we were invited to diner the following night at the Hotel Jacaranda in Avon Park. On Friday it rained most all of the morning and we just were lazy inside, we did get our mail today and were excited to get it as we both had some concerns with different issues. In the evening we went out to dinner and it is a historical building that was built in the 1920’s and has a lot of history. Saturday we did some work around the camper and went to the Rusty Scalpel dinner at the club house. As you can tell this retirement thing is a lot of work.
Jan 25th, we along with Craig & Ginny went to the Highlands Hammock State Park and along with 5 other workampers we had a nice day and totally enjoyed the comradery of the workampers. Those in attendance were Boogity, ORKirk, and Kilogram. It was a time of talking about different situations in the realm of workamping. The day was great and we had a large pavilion with electric at our disposal, it was a pot luck type of meal and as everyone knows campers don’t lack for tasty food. In the late afternoon after arriving back at our site we did some preliminary work for a change of site tomorrow. The site we are on is going to be a park model and we just had to move around to the rear of out old site, we are much better off as at the present time we have sun all day and after tomorrow we will mainly have shade all day.

Jan 20th we changed our Tuesday routine. In the morning we went to an executive golf course and only played 9 holes. This was our first time there and after we found it, we enjoyed the course, it was cool in the morning and as we finished up the wind was also picking up. We had tickets for an afternoon matinee show at the South Florida Community College in Avon Park. The show was for Mark & Clark, who are twin brothers and they have a great handle on playing the piano. Through the years they performed on a lot of TV shows and also Las Vegas and Atlantic City. The show that they put on was fantastic and we really enjoyed it. Along with their playing they added a lot of light comedy to the act. Their repertoire included music from the 40’s through the 90’s.

Jan. 17th we went up to Orlando today and visited and played a round of golf with Jon’s sister and brother-in-law. One thing that we must say is we were followed by a group if very rude and uncaring golfers. We were a foursome and were following a foursome that was very slow which we didn’t have a problem with, being retired we are not in a hurry ourselves. Well anyway the three some behind us were teeing off prior to us hitting our second shot and we had golf balls flying all around us. At one point in time we said to them that they hadn’t hit us yet and to try again. We know that someone reported the group in front of us to the ranger and they were told to speed up their play, and then we were told that the ranger had told them this. We said we were more concerned about the people behind us. Back to our visit with Debbie - after golf we went out and had dinner together and just caught up on a lot of news about both of our families. She has a fine young son doing his duty in Iraq with the U.S. Marines and will be there till May, and at the present time he is in the field sleeping in a tent in the cold desert. We do pray for his safety every day and await his safe return. Once again it was a good day.

Jan. 11th we attended church in the morning. Since we are here for six months and we picked this church, we could not be happier as it has been more than we thought it would be. It is a very friendly place and besides going just on Sunday’s we have been helping with the Angel Food Ministries boxing up food once a month. Also we have gone to several senior dinners at the church. After church there was a Hot Rod show here at the resort. It was held in conjunction with an Ice Cream Social. It was a great afternoon and the weather was fantastic. Later in the afternoon we helped Craig & Ginny with their computer, in setting up a few things on the internet. In the evening we went to the movie of the week here in the resort.

Jan. 10th wow can’t believe that we hadn’t written here in a week. The weeks just go by with our daily routine, which is usually bowling on Monday after a lunch with the neighbors, golf on Tuesday, golf lessons on Wednesday morning, golf on Thursday morning, usually Fridays and Saturdays are open, then Church on Sunday. Back to today as we went along with Craig & Ginny to Lake Kissimmee State Park for the day. On Saturdays and Sundays they have a “Cracker” cow hunter in the park giving a talk on the life and duties of the “Cracker” in the 1870’s. It was quite interesting and we did learn a lot. We took a walk around the park and went up an observation tower to view over the lake. With Craig & Ginny we did some Geocaching and we thing that they are getting the bug, only time will tell. The picture is Jon with the “Cracker” Cow Hunter.

Jan. 3rd in the morning we went to a local flea market and also did some exploring in the area as Kathleen has a Medical appointment and we drove to the area. For the evening meal we once again attended “The Rusty Scalpel” here at the resort and totally enjoyed the meal. This week it was a “Greek” dinner and as before it was great. All we can say is we are doing more good eating than time in the exercise room, we keep on trying to watch our weight but it is a battle. It is a battle that is being held at bay, although it not that easy.

Jan. 2nd we got together with Craig & Ginny and we went to Lake Placid. What a great day as in town they have over 40 murals painted on the sides of buildings. We walked throughout the town finding the murals and the biggest majority had hidden items painted into them and we had to find the hidden items. Luckily we found a shop and bought a book that showed the location of the murals and a history about each one. We found a great place to eat and plan on going back in the near future.