Monday, November 7, 2011

Nov. 2011

Nov. 5th well it is about 2 weeks since we have been at our winter home and things are going just great. When we arrived we could see all around the park as it was pretty empty, but that has changed as more and more people are coming for the winter. We’re back to stimulating the local economy, we are fixing up our place and this includes getting our medical exams, eye exams and Kathleen is getting a dental exam. We also had some curb-n-scape installed around our palm tree, had some reupholstering done in the MH, in the process of buying a new headboard for our bedroom and getting a custom frame made for the painting we had commissioned last spring. Talking about the painting, it seems like we always run into a last minute project and that being the year we had the sod installed it was one third installed when we left and didn’t see it completely till we returned the following fall. Same with the painting. It was delivered the day before we left. Hopefully this year we can do everything early and enjoy it during our winter stay. Also in the past two weeks we met up with a lot of our friends and started our winter schedule, Jon golfed several times and is getting back to his three times a week routine. Jon made a decision not to really do much bowling, but to golf instead. We met up with Al & Joann at the bowling alley just to socialize and he bowls an 181,191, 266 set. Our schedule is filling up with the park, legion and church calendars to be considered and we already had one double booking. Just another time period we are enjoying at a campground/resort in Florida.