Tuesday, April 13, 2010

April 2010

April 30th a beautiful day dawned and before 8, Jon was out the door to a local Golf Course and played a round, his first since we got to Pa. When he returned we walked around the camp and watched as many people were enjoying the games and events that they have here. We got a call from Sammy, and she said she wanted to stay home today as she was tired. She had a field trip at school where she went to the Hershey Zoo and Chocolate World. With her decision we made plans for ourselves and decided to again visit Jon’s old campground, we had a great time meeting up with people that were not there last time we visited them. It was a great way to finish the day.

April 29th we finally arose to a nice day and we decided to get some chores caught up on today. Jon worked on the water system in that he put a bypass around the hearer core that we can drive the motor home to our job site without leaking any water; over the summer he can remove it and hope fully have it repaired correctly. He also cleaned all of the jacks from the accumulation of dirt that built up on them; also he found that the system needed fluid, so he got the necessary oil to fill it up. In the mean time Kathleen was preparing a meal that we will be taking to Dave & Missy’s home tonight to celebrate Dave’s birthday even though a bit belated. We had a great time and the evening went by so fast and the meal was just so good; it was fit for a king. We returned home knowing it was a great day.

April 28th after arising to a cool damp windy day and getting bundled up we went to see Jon’s mom and after looking around for her we found her in the beauty shop in the home. As she was getting her hair done and under a dryer we decided to cut short our visit, any way it would soon be her lunch time. Since we had a little time to spend we went looking for a crock pot for the motor home, we have a large one at the Florida home but we wanted a small one for here. We than went to pick up Sammy for the afternoon, and as well we took Missy to get their Jeep as it quit running on Monday. As always Sammy had a great time playing here at the campground and enjoyed the afternoon, we wanted to fix her something to eat so Jon started a camp fire and we roasted hot dogs and also some s’mores. Kathleen took Sammy back to meet up with her mother and Jon stayed back and cleaned up the dishes of the day. Oh, the rough life of living in a campground.

April 27th today we did some shopping, since Sammy was not going to be here today we thought it would be a good day to shop. It was a chilly damp day and she could not have gone to the playground anyway. The first place we went to was an Amish store; some call it a chip-n-dent store but they have great deals and we bought some items that will last for several months and some of the things we will use right away. They also deal in a lot of bulk items and we can get them at a fraction of the standard price. We then returned and stowed in all on board and our next place to go was Cabela’s where we had about $160.00 in credit, so it was a shopping excursion as we bought jackets, shirts and some camping supplies. We use the Cabelas credit card for everything and they give us a 1% credit on all items that we buy so once or twice a year we make a trip to their store and have a free day; can’t beat that. Later in the day we had a special friend visit us and just had a wonderful time as we related stories that happened to us over time gone by. Just another great day at a campground.

April 25th after arising and doing chores around the motor home on a rainy day we went to visit Jeff & Shirley. We were able to get on the net and we uploaded our journal from there as well as catching up on some e-mails. After that we retired to the family room and played several games of cards, Kathleen was victorious in all of the of the games, she just couldn’t be beat. They then fed us and we just had a great afternoon. We then drove back to the camp in the rain and turned in for the night.

April 24th we had breakfast and made sure that Sammy was full as when she got up she said “that she was starving” so we made sure she was fed. Kathleen than took her to the playground and Jon was watching the Canopy rope/ zip line here at the camp. They were training new guides and going through all of the stages, we are looking into doing this in the near future. Later in the day we went to Kathleen’s son’s place and along with her other son we had a great time together and we are planning some future events. After that we went to the campground that Jon had owned, were we met up with a lot of our friends and just had a great evening and caught up on a lot of things happening there. Just another reason to have a great day in a camp ground.

April 23rd in the morning we finished cleaning all of the windows on the inside as well as cleaning the screens. We then left to go visit Jon’s mom and had a nice visit, after that we picked up Sammy and brought her to camp. She is staying for the night and as always just enjoys it here. Later on Jeff & Shirley came to visit as we had a camp fire going, later on the five of us walked around the area with Sammy as our guide, since she camped here before. She knows the playground very well, also gave her a chance to ride her new bike. She met a lot of new friends while playing and just had a wonderful time. Here at the camp they have a zip line canopy ride that lasts over 2 hours and Jeff & Shirley and we are looking to do this before we leave. It was another great day, only it could be a lot better if Jon’s granddaughters were allowed to visit and stay with him, we are sure that they would have a great time.

April 22nd Jon got some wood in the morning and after that we cl
eaned all of the windows in the motor home. We then went and picked up Sammy, she has kindergarden in the morning and we get her after that. Kathleen bought her a new bike as she out grew the one she had and she can keep it here while we are in the area. We then visited Jon’s mom and had a nice time before returning to the camp site. While Sammy and Kathleen went to the playground Jon started a fire till they returned. We roasted hot dogs and made some s’mores, what a great meal and it has been so long since we cooked on a fire. After taking Sammy back home we retired for the night and that was the end of another great day.

April 21st after doing a few chores around the motor home we went to see Jon’s mom and had a nice visit and at that time Jon’s aunt and her son came to visit as well. Jon’s aunt and son were checking out the faculty as her husband has to be moved into a nursing home, because of some disabling problems he had over the course of the past month. After that we went and visited with Kathleen’s son and daughter in law and of course Sammy. We took Sammy for the afternoon and brought her back to the site as she just loves to play here at the campground. Where we are her family camps at during the year and she shows us where everything is at. We then returned to their home and had a great supper and a visit after that, it is great to get back to the family for a while.

April 20th we again left in the morning soon after sunrise and headed to Pa. which is our destination for the summer. We weren’t on the road no 30 minutes and we discovered that our heater core was leaking again. We had this repaired in Maine last summer and either it was a bad repair job or the core is just too bad to be repaired. Jon loosened the radiator cap to reduce the pressure in the system and we continued our journey with an eye on the temp gauge the rest of the way, it worked and we completed our trek with no problem. We settled in and set up our site and got everything going that we need for now, so once again it was a great day.
April 19th we awoke early and left on our journey north and at that time we decided that this would probably be the last day for shorts and sandals for a while. It was a good driving day and we didn’t have to stop for any construction, but in Georgia we went through several construction zones and the cattle chutes. We actually went a lot further than expected because of this, and even as we passed through states we never stepped foot in them as in a motor home we switch drivers in a rest area but never get out. It is great that we both drive and it gives each other a time to relax and maybe even catch a quick snooze. We made it to the Richmond area where we found a Wal-Mart off of the beaten path and had a quite night.

April 18th the reason that we are here in because we are invited to a baby shower for James and Katy. While we were playing yesterday they were busy decorating for the shower, but we did lend a small hand today to get ready for the event. It was a great shower as well over 40 people were in attendance, and we were surprised to see so many young men there, friends of both. We played several games and then the excited couple opened their presents, and they made out very well and we can tell that the baby will have a great start and will have a lot of love from the parents and family. After the shower we hooked up and took off and wanted to get a few hours in before night fall, we made it to Jacksonville at a Wal-Mart that we had stayed in last fall while in the area.

April 17th we met up with Mike and Kathy, friends we made two years ago at Disney World as we journeyed into The Magic Kingdom. They were never here before and we were sort of their guide. I hope that we did a good job. The place was full and we had planned on meeting at 10 am but it was closer to 11 am till we met up. We did get around the park and we saw everything that we were interested in, as a few of the more strenuous rides did not fit into our plan, and we have ridden them before. It was a great day and till we returned back to the motor home is was past 9:30 pm and a full day for all of us.

April 16th two days ago we started to load up the Motor home, we took two loads down to where we have it stored. In the afternoon Jon took the car for an oil change and then we were invited to a happy hour that lasted 4 hours and we had a great time with the other 9 people there. Jon took a break from the loading as he played golf yesterday morning. In the afternoon we went and pick up the motor home and brought it back to the resort to finish loading. Today as we finished with that chore and we can only hope that we didn’t forget anything. Also today we had to work around the workers at the park as they were putting in our new sod, we did get to see a little of it and hope that it will grow this summer into a new lawn for next year. After saying all of our good-bys we left and went to Camp Fountain in Orlando as we will be here for the next two nights. We had dinner with Jon’s sister and brother in law along with their son and daughter in law, after that we had a great time visiting. The trip was good and also short and we could just get the feel of being on the road.

April 13th well so much has happened since our last entry, as we look back on the 19 of March. We had our Golf banquet and it was again a great time and we ate way too much. March 20 Jon went out and played a round of golf with Dennis as he has been reluctant about playing, the next day we attended a very good church service as it was Palm Sunday, the theme being the anguish that Jesus went through on the cross for our sins. Then on the 22nd we had a fun day at the bowling outing and we had a 9-pin no tap tournament, and once again this year Jon has a 300 game (9 real strikes and 3 were 9 pin hits), later that day we had our bowling banquet at the local smorgasbord and filled up. From then on we have had nothing but block parties, appreciation diners, going away parties and any kind of food event you can think of. This is not a place to come to and diet. In the past few days we had concrete poured around our park model and new shirting installed, wow does it ever make a nice new appearance. While it was in the construction period Jon installed some new water valves and a new spigot near the front. We have a few days here and then we are returning to Pa. for our summer job, and we are looking forward to that. We will be close to family and hope to spend time with them. Sorry about the time between posts and hopefully it will be better this summer.