Tuesday, February 16, 2010

February 2010

Feb. 16th so much time has gone by since we last posted. What happens is that this was originally a travel journal and since we are not traveling and sort of involved with daily chores and events it gets forgotten. We ended the last entry with the phone call, we had stated that we went to the Snowbird Extravaganza and had signed up for a lot of stuff . Well, we were called and informed that we won a cruise. We did have to go to Orlando and listen to a 90 min. sales pitch. We made a full day out of it as in the morning we went to Disney World till about 2 and then went to the meeting and after that we met with Jon’s sister, niece and their families and had supper with them, it was a full day and an enjoyable one. The next day Jon went to play golf and his foursome were to tee off second on a par three and another foursome from the park teed off in front of them, as Jon was standing behind those teeing off he witnessed a “Hole in One” what an awesome sight. One Friday we had Jon’s Aunt over for a visit and it was as enjoyable time, after that we did a little shopping and Kathleen started to get a severe migraine headache. We wound up taking her to the hospital and they administered a shot and watched her vitals for 90 minutes after that sending her home. That next day we filled her prescriptions and she remained in bed for about 20 hours that day. The following day she was fine and we went to church, that was also super bowl Sunday and we were invited to our friends place to watch it. It was a great game and we really enjoyed it, all though our hosts probably didn’t as they are from Indiana. On Tuesday the 9th Jon went to play golf and got rained out after 3 holes and also on that day Kathleen had several friends over to make casserole carriers. Later in the week we spend some time working on our costumes for the ST. Patrick’s Day parade that is here at the park. This past Sunday we had a real treat, at our church we had Shelby Dressel sing. She is currently on American Idol, we do not know how she made out and even if she is going back to Hollywood. She has orders not to say anything about the show till it’s completion, as we don’t watch AI we don’t really understand the fuss. We do know that she is a Christian and has a very beautiful voice, and is a delightful person and is from Avon Park. We wish her well in whatever she does. Later in the day we went to Downtown Disney to meet up with Jeff and Shirley, we walked around there and then we went to Capone’s for the Dinner theater show. It was a great show and we were so entertained for the evening. It was a great way to spend Valentine’s Day, but just think that 81 years ago Valentine’s day was not to good for several of Al Capone’s thugs as they were gunned down.