Monday, March 12, 2012

March 2012

March, 7th we haven’t added to this journal for quite a while. We really have been quite busy here at the resort, with Jon playing golf several times a week and Kathleen bowling and involved with her knitting and rug making. During the second week in January our friends Jeff & Shirley started to move into their Florida home and we went up to help them unload some of their items, also got together with them for a round of golf. That same day we had the Wine & Cheese party here at the resort. It so happened that after the Wine & Cheese party we had the after party here at our place. The next day we received a call from Jon’s sister that our mother had just passed away. In less than 4 hours we were packed and on our way to Pennsylvania for about 6 days. Even though we went for a tragic happening, a lot of good came out of it and we got to spend a lot of time with family and friends. February 1st we went to the Canadian Snowbird Fest and had a great day with a lot of entertainment and laughs galore, it was a great day. Valentine’s Day we spent time with Jim and Dee as we went to a winery and a small produce farm/store (it is their first year here and we are helping them explore the area), after that we went to Hotel Jacaranda for a very good Valentine’s Dinner. Near the end of February we went to Busch Gardens again and got to see Peter Noone and Herman’s Hermits, once again we were not dissatisfied, it was a great day. And now here it is the beginning of March and we just got back from the Strawberry Fest, with a lot of great food and how could we not pass up on the simply delicious Strawberry Short cake. Also on stage today was the one and only Lee Greenwood and Louise Mandrell, and what a show they put on. Getting back to the sports we are involved in we are both doing a lot better at times, now if we could only improve on that.