Friday, April 3, 2009

April 2009

April 30th what a great day. Kathleen after a visit to a chiropractor went shopping with her daughter in law and granddaughter; they spent the most part of the day in the Reading area doing a lot of shopping. Jon was up to his usual golf outing with his brother in law and Kathleen’s son. They went to a nice golf course about two miles from the campground and they had a great day, even though it was an overcast day. No rain and no sun. In the evening we had a cookout for Kathleen’s son and family and we all enjoyed the time together.

April 29th Oh! Where does the time go? This has got to be the longest since we updated our journal, just have been so busy. The last ten days in Florida where such a whirlwind of things to do, mainly golf as in the last five day’s Jon played 4 times. We said our good-bys to all of our friends in Florida and several of those meant eating out for a lunch or a snack, our belts cannot take it anymore. We both will have to fast at a later date, yeah right. During this time we also got ready to make our move which we did on the 26th – 28th. We left the resort on the 26th right after church and we drove into South Carolina to stay the night. We found a Wal-Mart that was about 4 miles off of I-95 and it was a very quite night. The next day we knew that we wanted to do a lot of traveling and get to Northern Virginia, we did fix a nice breakfast and after cleaning up we left at a little after nine in the morning. We did have several delays with road construction that was being done and at one point we were in a near panic situation where we had to make a quick stop. We did witness a Cadillac Escalade that had to stop between a row of cars and the guard rail with just inches on either side of her SUV, she was visibly shaken up, but ok. We pulled into a Wal-Mart at about 6:30 and went across the street to CiCi’s Pizza for supper. This was another Wal-Mart that was about 1 mile off of I-95 and was quite, but it was a very congested area. On the 28th we awoke at about 4:30 in the morning and sort of decided to get up and get going, we left at about 6:30 while the traffic in the area was somewhat light and drove across northern Virginia to Rt. 81 and on into PA. where we will be staying for several weeks. We are now catching up with family and friends and enjoying or new views.

April 15th the dreaded tax day, but this year it is a little different as it is combined with Tea Party Day. We did get out to golf today and then later in the afternoon we went and showed our support at a small gathering along Rt. 27 here in Avon Park. There were about 6 of these gatherings along the road for about 12 miles. We were very well received with all of the traffic on the road, a lot of horn blowing and thumbs up. We did have one thumbs down in a two hour stretch, well you always have someone that wants bigger government and higher taxes. According to the latest news and the way we take it we are terrorists. This is from the Department of Homeland Security; just in the last few weeks they released a nine page report and it identifies a lot of flag waving nation loving people. We are Pro-Life. We are against gun control. We like the idea that we can buy a Hunting Knife. Because of these issues we are labeled Terrorist, how do you fit in?

April 12th Happy Easter to all ”He has Risen”. It has been a while since we last wrote, but we have been quite busy here at the resort. With so many activities going on and people leaving we are saying a lot of goodbyes, but also knowing that we will be reunited in the fall. We will be leaving in two weeks and at the present time we are working towards that date. We have been cleaning our home and have also waxed the car and MH to get ready for the summer. Jon golfed in a scramble the other day and the team he is on finished with a 3 over. Not all that good, but they had a great time. Today we are having a dinner at the club house and we know that it will be a fun time as we are having a social hour afterwards. Not much to report at this time so we will say to all have safe and uneventful travels.

April 1st this morning we left to go to Orlando where we met up with Jon’s sister and husband as they are down from PA. to visit their daughter and granddaughter. We met at IHOP for breakfast and then we went to “The Holy Land Experience”. We had a great time there and would recommend it to all. Throughout the day there are several skits set up in the life of Christ, and it is timed that you can follow them. Also they have some movies that play and the largest scale model of old Jerusalem and give a few shows each day on it as to where different historical sites and locations are. They also have a Scriptorium that takes about an hour to go through, another area has the Wilderness Tabernacle set up and they have shows throughout the day. After a long day we went across town and met up with Jon’s other sister and we all had a great Japanese meal, where the chef prepared everything right in front of us. After this we all said our good-bys and drove the 1 ½ hour home. Another great day to get together with some of our family.