Thursday, July 2, 2009

July 2009


July 30th Jon had inquired at a local golf course about playing and was told that they had a Thursday morning league there. He went this morning and played with the group and will probably playing the rest of the time we are in the area. Since we don’t start to work till 1 PM he has plenty of time for the morning golf. It is by Somes Sound and there was about 100 yards visibility, so you just hit the ball and went to look for it. We did work this afternoon and the day was pretty good.

July 28th we went out and did a hike up some of the carriage trails to a water fall in the area and along the way we did have some nice overviews, something you don’t get to see on the Carriage Trails. Most of the time on the trails around lakes and through the woods, although you do have great views of the lakes. We did get our rescue disks in the mail and we went to work on the computer, seems like it was an easy repair and we didn’t lose too much of our information. So again it was a good day.

July 27th we went to a Car and Motorcycle Museum that is on the island and they do not have anything that is newer than 1920. What a wonderful collection and so well maintained. After that we went back to the Jordan Pond House as last week Jon bought several items and the clerk hadn’t charged for one. He felt bad about this and paid for the item and was thanked by the clerk and told that not many people would do this. We than went to Wally world and did some shopping and one of the items was Damp Rid to try to contain some of the mold, sure hope that it works. Of course it is raining today.

July 22nd in the late morning we got together with Larry & Sharon and went for lunch at the Jordan Pond House. They are leaving tomorrow and we will sure miss them, as we have had a lot of nice times together. They even wanted to give us a present of their two dogs as they went but we quickly declined that offer, we know that they could not part with those two beauties.

July 21st we arose early as we have a 9:00 am appointment in Bangor which is over an hour away. As we were taking down the window screens we discovered a lot of mold in those areas, so we knew that we had some work to do when we return this afternoon. As we pulled into Webb’s RV in Bangor we met up with Bearlady (Leigh & Lee) and while work was being done on the MH we went out for Breakfast. We had a delightful time as we ate a great breakfast and enjoyed conversing with each other. When we returned they were just finishing up with the recall. When we left there we went to a truck shop to but some fuel filters and antifreeze for the MH. We plan on draining the old diluted anti-freeze with new. Back in May when we had the leak we only put water in at that time. When we returned to the CG we started to clean the MH and used a good bit of Clorox. From setting here under the trees and having so much rain most of the time is sure a breeding ground for mold. Later in the afternoon Larry & Sharon came over and we just sat around and sipped a few.

July 20th it seems like I had a severe case of writers block for a few weeks and just when I thought I would write on the blog the computer went down. I did spend a lot of the day on the phone to try to get the computer working and was told by the techs that we needed to buy several rescue disks to fix the problem. We are also getting the MH ready to move as we are going to Bangor tomorrow to have as recall done on the refer unit. We met up with Larry & Sharon as we went to Cadillac Mt. to take pictures of the sunset.

July 1st a new month and we are hoping for better weather as well. We did get together with Larry & Sharon for the day. First we went out on Frenchman’s Bay on a 4 mast Schooner, Jon did help to raise the sails when we got under way. After that we just enjoyed the peace and calm of a sailing ship, with no engine noise to bother anyone. We got to see some seals and several pods of porpoise enjoying their habitat. We also did a couple of geocaches and then went for lunch. To wrap up the day we went to the Lobster Museum and hatchery, a very interesting time as we got to see a lot of different types of sea animals. We also learned about the perils of lobster netting, from a retired lobsterman. Finally, we went into the hatchery part and saw how they raise lobsters from eggs. On their own when lobsters are laid in the sea less than one tenth of one percent survive and with the eggs raised in the hatchery that goes up to above 45% make it to adulthood. The weather was very good and we saw something strange in the sky, it was round and yellow.