Monday, October 5, 2009

October, 2009

Oct. 31st we went to a pancake and sausage breakfast this morning as Elmer got us some tickets, it was a benefit for the Lions Club. After that we met with Jon’s brothers and sisters and went through the items at mom’s apartment, since she is in the nursing home she will not need the apartment and we are dividing up her processions to be passed down through the family. Next Saturday the Grandchildren are going in and hopefully take the rest, if not what is left are going to charity. In the late afternoon we had a dinner at a local diner which was set up for some months. This was going to be a get together of all of the children but since all of the events in the past three weeks it put a cloud over the get together. After the meal which was attended by about 40 people we all went to the nursing home and took some pictures with Jon’s mom. The one granddaughter Kelly is a professional photographer and she got us all set up for the photo shoot. After that Debbie & Eddie, along with James and Katie came out to the CG to go the Halloween Hayride. It was a busy day and all in all a good day.

Oct. 26th wow, does time fly and we were so busy over the past two weeks. On the 12th Jon’s mother became quite disoriented and we took her to her Dr. and had some tests done. After two nights at her daughter’s place she went back for a follow up at the Dr’s office and from there she went to the hospital. She was in the hospital for 8 days and then she was placed in a nursing home. We only missed seeing her one day and along with our other visits and appointments time has been a blur. Over the course of two weeks Jon rewired the MH to the car and also removed the starter and had it rebuilt. Kathleen has been very busy with getting the MH ready to travel down south. We have cable here at the CG but a lot of the time it is just an advertisement for DirecTV, so we did hook up our converter box to get over the air digital TV. Also during the last week Kathleen has come down with a cold and that is taking a toll on her and she spent about 2 days just lounging around as we all know how a cold knocks you down. Along with everything else she likes to have her granddaughter at least 4 days a week, and that takes a toll as well. It is still great to be in a CG and enjoying the day.

Oct 12th we arose at 3:45 am in anticipation of getting to PA. We didn’t leave till about 6:30 and we decided to go to Cabela’s first as we were too early to get to the CG. After setting up we went to see Jon’s mother and catch up on the summer and enjoy some time with her. After that we went to Kathleen’s son and visited for a while and we also picked up Sammy as she like’s to be with us and enjoys her friends here at the CG. She will staying for the night and she will be sleeping with Pokot . We did have a good day and we retired quite early.

Oct 11th we were on the road by 7:10 am and did a lot of driving today, we also took a lot of scenic route and did slow down our travel time, along with we did not want to pay to use Interstate 95 in Maine and New Hampshire as these are toll roads and we refuse to pay if we don’t have to. We also drove across Rhode Island into Connecticut on a very scenic route, we were 10 to 14 days too early for the foliage in this area. We made it into New York and pulled into a Wal-Mart for the night. We were on the road for about 11 hours and all driving was safe.

Oct.10th we spent the day getting ready to pull out, we had decided to take our time and get everything cleaned up and made ready to travel. We had some wood left over and we had a fire to use it up. At the CG there was an October Fest and we did walk over to the craft tent and looked at the items, nothing that we could use though as it was all cold weather garments and a few wall hangings. We decided that we didn’t want to do any beer tasting as a tasting plastic cup was $25.00 and we felt that it was way out of line. Over the course of the summer we tasted a lot of these brews and to us they are not very good at all. We turned in early so as to get an early start. Another good day in a CG.

Oct. 8th & 9th these were our last two days on work, there was very little business and the days were very boring and long. The bright spot of both days is that we had supper with Elmer & Phyllis. We enjoyed both evenings and had a good time.

Oct 6th we met up with Elmer & Phyllis in the morning and we drove to the south side of the western part of the island and walked to Seal Head Harbor Lighthouse, we actually walked to both sides of this lighthouse and the eastern side is a set of steps leading down to the rock where you must navigate them. You need to be very careful at this point as we see a potential for injury here. From there we took a hike out past an inlet and through the woods, it was a relaxing walk and for a change on this island pretty level. After that we headed to Bar Harbor as they had a Lighthouse boat tour set up, also at that time we were planning on going along but as we went to the ticket counter we discovered that is was sold out. As they went on the boat we took a 2 ½ hour trolley tour and had a nice trip around the park, which was also narrated and we learned a lot more about the island. The timing was good as we both finished with our tours within five minutes of each other. We then went up on Cadillac Mt. for the sunset and it was another great sunset as we took many pictures. After that we came back to the MH and had supper and at that time a great story came up. The high school that we all attended had a great band director and a few weeks ago the school auditorium was dedicated in his name and Elmer played in the ceremony along with about 140 other musicians from days gone by. The band director had retired in 1986 and we don’t know why it took this long to make this dedication. Elmer had been in contact with Harlan Daubert over the years and he a few other members held some early practices, even Mr. Daubert was directing some of them. Elmer went on to say how the practices grew in size as they continued. Elmer told of the careers of some of the students that came out of this fine program and how Mr. Daubert prepared a lot of them for the rest of their lives. We had a great day and finished it up with a great story. Mr. Daubert, your lifelong dedication is an inspiration to many.

Oct 5th we spent most of the morning either cleaning up around the MH or checking all systems for a go on Sunday when we are leaving this place. In the afternoon we headed over to the pier where the lobsterman come in and as we waited about 15 min. we saw one coming in. We asked him if he was selling and for how much and we were told $5.00 each, than we asked if he could do 12 for $50.00 and he said that was no problem and we got the dozen. We then returned to the MH and cooked them all up and vacuum packed and froze them for later enjoyment. In the evening we were invited along with the rest of the employee’s to our owners home for a meal. We had a good time at his home and enjoyed a delicious meal. When we got home Kathleen talked with her sister-in-law and made some plans for the next few days. Another good day on the road.

Oct. 4th we found out a lot of things about our job over the last couple days, as to when the store will be shut for the winter and how the weather is affecting it. We left early on the 3rd and the store was closed on the 4th because of the rain. Since both Ron & Shirley and us were off we got together and played a few games in the afternoon and then went and got a bite to eat. Elmer & Phyllis are on their way here and we will be with them over the course of the next few days. As of now we will be working this Thursday and Friday and Ron & Shirley are working on Saturday & Sunday. If that is the case we will be leaving on Sunday for the journey home, hoping to get there on Monday afternoon. The foliage is really starting to come out here and we hope to be able to get out and see it, we are sure that we see a lot on our way south. Over the course of the last several weeks and days we have a lot of irons in the fire and we cannot report on them at this time, till it comes to fruition, more on that later.