Sunday, August 8, 2010

August 2010

August 1st usually we do not write about our work and our usual routine, the last several weeks where a regular routine but today Jon did something different. We arose, went to church and then stopped to get a quick bite. Kathleen went to visit her son, at that time Jon went to his daughters place and spent time with his granddaughters. When he got there, Alexis was not feeling too well. He just visited for a while and she started to feel a lot better. They then went to look for two geocaches to no avail but said they would try another time. They went bowling and had a great time and the girls had some good scores. The girls behaved very well as they sat at the bowling alley and did not disturb those around them. They got several complements from the people next to them for their bowling technique and style, looks like their mom and dad are teaching them good bowling as well as good manners. Jon had a great time and the grand’s did as well.