Friday, October 1, 2010

October 2010

Oct. 23rd twas a sleep-in day as we didn’t plan on going anywhere till after noon. So during the morning we started to stow things away and made ready for an early start tomorrow morning. We went to Wal-Mart to buy a few items and then we went to Stone Mountain Park, once there the first thing we did was to climb up the mountain. Great views from there as we are not sure how far you could see but it was forever and we were somewhat fortunate that it was a clear day. We don’t know how high it is but it is a mile walk to the top. After that we selected a spot on the Mall to watch the laser light show that was to start at 8:00 PM, which it did. The show was fantastic and the audience was large, it is something that we would advise anyone to see. When we first got to the parking lot we were parked pretty far away and it was some what lucky that Jon forgot the camera, because when he went back to get it he improved our parking spot and after the show we drove right out. And for that size of a crowd we had figured we would be in traffic for an hour or so. On the way home we stopped at the Wal-Mart gas station and filled up as it was about 10 cents a gallon less then we had seen, also we scoped it out to see if we could get through to fill up the motor home as it is about 15 cents cheaper there, as we will fill up in the morning. Another good day of campground life.

Oct. 22nd we arose this morning and got ready for a day of seeing Atlanta. We went in to Atlanta during rush traffic so you can imagine that drive. First we toured the CNN Atlanta Office which is their home office. It was a 55 min. tour and we got to see the workings of this news agency, although we have to admit that we probably saw more of this network today then we have watched them in the past 4 years. Just give us our FOX NEWS!! After that we went to tour the Coca-Cola world headquarters and had another enjoyable tour. It was great to see all the artifacts and memorabilia that was acquired by them, also had our pictures taken with the Polar Bear. Here again as Jon stated “I can’t remember the last time I drank a Coca-Cola” and he didn’t drink one today but we both did try several different drinks from around the world made by this company. On our way back to the parking garage, which was never more then 8 blocks from either of these places and only cost $6 for the day, we walked through the Olympic Centennial Park. While walking through here we thought about the dearly departed Richard Jewel who alerted the people about a bomb, and then went to a zero as he was falsely charged with setting the bomb in place and finally being cleared on all charges. All the agony that this man went through because of his heroic actions. We left Atlanta to go back to the campground but made a wrong turn and went a different way to get there, and of course it was the afternoon rush hour, but we did fine. We then stopped to get a few items and had a nice dinner at Chili’s, before returning to our camper. Another great day in a campground.

Oct. 21th we took our time in moving out of the Talladega area as we only had about a 2 ½ hour drive plus we were going back into the Eastern Time zone, so we gained an hour. We got into Atlanta and got into our site which is about a mile from Stone Mt. We also picked up some brochures of things to do in the local area, and did a little shopping. Jon made some more rods to hold our cabinets closed, we have had some for years but we needed some extra ones. We have found out that they work great while we are on the move, and keep the cabinets secured. This all came about as years ago we had the cabinets come open and the results were broken dinnerware and silverware all over the floor. We got set up and have a new view for the next three days, and once again it’s great to be in a campground.

Oct. 20th we really got a good night’s sleep as it was well past 7 am before Jon got up, (he is usually up well before 5). We guess our bodies needed this extra rest time and we enjoyed it. We got ready to tour the Talladega superspeedway and the adjoining museum that includes the Racing Hall of Fame. It was a great tour and we fully enjoyed it as this is the fastest track on the Nascar circuit and also the largest; details to numerous to mention. After that we drove into Anniston to see the town and their Historic district but somehow it is still in need of repair. We stopped to shop and eat out which is a rarity for us. We then returned to a relaxing night in our summer home which is in a camp ground and it is great to be here.

Oct. 19th we took a slow start today as we only had a 5 hour drive plus we were going across a time line into central time and gained an hour. We arrived in the Talladega area and got set up and then went to the track to get some information as to times that they are open. Getting back to the camper we set up our satellite dish so we could view TV. We just had a relaxing evening and turned in early. New scenery and it is still great to be at a campground.

Oct. 18th we arose early and were on the road by 7:25. Since the road we had planned to take out of the valley has a lot of bridge repair going on we took a different route. We went through the Sherman’s Valley and over the Mountain into Path Valley. As we went over the pass we saw several deer and it was also good as they saw us. Path valley which at best in some places is less than 10 miles wide is such a beautiful area and the leaves are changing and were a very spectacular sight. We followed this down into Maryland and crossed the Mason-Dixon Line before getting on Rt. 81. We followed Rt. 81 through the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia and it was a very gorgeous sight, as the leaves are starting to change. We continued into Tennessee, and stopped at Knoxville for the night. We went into Wal-Mart to buy some items and pick up a sandwich from Subway. It was a long day, all in daylight and we traveled about 540 miles, more then we like, but we also like to get a major part of the drive on the first day. Even though we are not in a camp ground, it was a great day.

Oct. 17th well, yesterday we finished up our job here at Paradise Stream and we attended the Monster Mash Dance and had a great time, as we were some of the few that had costumes on. In the past two weeks Jon’s cousin and her husband came up to visit at the camp and we had a nice evening. Today we left early and went to church and then visited Jon’s mother and bade farewell till next spring. After that Kathleen spent the afternoon with Sammie and also went to Donnie’s place for a visit. Meanwhile Jon went to spend the afternoon with his two granddaughters and they also had a good time and all were told that we would see them next spring. After that we had supper with Jeff & Shirley and had a good time. We then went back to the campsite and loaded up the car and connected it to the motor home, while we were doing this Jim and Pam visited with us and we bid a fond farewell to them. They hope to make it down to Florida and visit us over the winter, as well as Jeff and Shirley will be down in February. It was a good day but, hard at times to say good-by and see you later.

Sept, 2010

Sept 22nd Wow, it has been so long since we updated our journal and so many things did happen. As usual we were plenty busy doing our work here at the campground and this does take up so much of our time, as we say we came here to work so that we can play all winter. We attended a baby shower for Kathleen’s step daughter that was quite unique in that just prior to the opening of the gifts the baby’s parents got married there; it was so good to see this. We also attended Jon’s family reunion held in Lickdale. This was the first time he was there since the mid nineties, he had a great time and met up with some family members he hadn’t met before. We also spent a weekend with Kathleen’s brother in his Delaware weekend hide away. We had a great time there and we also did some shopping for our pier display we are making up for our Florida home. While in Delaware we visited with Fox & Linda and since it has been a while it was a cherished time that we were together. At the present time we are getting ready to make our move to Florida and we are getting supplies together. Hopefully it won’t be a gap of this size between postings, but time flies by when living in a campground.